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Field trip to The Kitchen Garden local organic farm with Evan and Megan. September 27th 2016.

Evan: "The goal is to grow crops efficiently while limiting resource depletion - to use soil biology to facilitate nutrient cycling"; "I focus my energy on the best areas of farmland within the property"; "Going bigger in scale is not necessarily economically beneficial"; "Substantial groundwater access has been very useful".



Field trip to Forman farm with Charlie Forman. October 22nd 2016.

Charlie: "The dirt's the number one thing around here!"; I'd like to be growing real food, not corn that is manufactured into sugary supplements for processed foods"; "Monsanto brought us farmers out of the dark ages".



Field trip to Ravensfield farm with Titia Posthuma. October 23rd 2016.

Titia: "The climax species in agroecosystems is Homo sapiens"; "Here on soil derived from glacial sand, clay is like gold"; "All land deserves to be loved, and love for a farmer is bioremediation"; "Forests have provided the primary substrate for all fertile agricultural land globally"; "For me, it's all about understanding the soil and its associated players - Training yourself to observe deeply is an amazing power"; "As farmers and consumers, we can change where we're going - Our legacy is not fixed".



Sample and data collection at Mark Millar's farm in Sydenham on Oct 22 2016 focussed on the following research question: Does agricultural disturbance significantly affect late season soil phosphorus availability?