Queen's University ~ Biology 103, Winter 2015

Dr. Virginia Walker (Lectures weeks 1-6)
Biosciences Rm. 2522, Phone: 613-533-6123
email: walkervk@queensu.ca

Office Hours:(or email for appointment)

- after all 3 lecture slots on Tuesday (so 1030, 130, 430) and Thursday (930, 1230, 330) on 2nd floor mezzanine by walrus skeleton

Dr. Peter Boag (Lectures weeks 8-13)

Biosciences Rm. 4420, Phone: 613-533-6394, Fax: 613-533-6617
email: boagp@queensu.ca

Office Hours: (or email for appointment)

Tue. 1030-1130, Wed. 130-230, Thu. 930-1030,
Fri. 230-330.

Rob Snetsinger (Course manager & lab instructor)

Office: Biosciences Rm. 2322, Phone: 613-533-6000 ext 77439

email: snetsing@queensu.ca

Office Hours:
Most days except around lunch.  The best time is 8:30 each day.

** 3rd Boag Connect quiz ends 11:59pm Friday, April 10 ! **

** Results should be visible now for Boag Moodle Quiz **

** Contact Rob Snetsinger for logistic issues involving labs, time slots, clickers **

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