BIOLOGY 102: Introductory Biology of Cells

Last Updated: August 2013



  Course Coordinator:
D. Lefebvre
Brooker et. al. (2nd. Canadian Ed.)

Weekly assigned tasks from the on-line component of Brooker et. al. will be an important part of the course.

All course information (e.g., lectures notes, videos, announcements, tests, course timetables) will be posted on Moodle and not on this web page.

TBA.  Based on a combination of exam marks, lab assignments, participation marks, and frequent on-line quizzes
Two per week.  Lectures are recorded and will also be available for later viewing on Moodle.
Four 1.5 hour labs on enzymes, respiration, photosynthesis, and genetics. Written assignments in the form of research papers.

First lab is in the third week of classes.


  Group Learning Tutorials:
Specific marked tasks.  Up to 5 x 1.5 hour sessions that alternate with the labs.

First tutorial is in the second week of classes.



Buy a lab pass from the bookstore before coming to the lab.


First 6 Weeks Lecturer

Wayne Snedden

Topics: Cell Chemistry, Cell Membranes, Animal and Plant Cell Biochemistry


Research Interests

Second 6 Weeks Lecturer

Dan Lefebvre

Topics: Molecular and Mendelian Genetics


Research Interests


Rob Snetsinger

Tasks:  All issues that do not involve lecture content (e.g., moodle, marks, illness, conflicts, and lab co-ordination).