LLCU, Queen's University (2015 to present)

At Queen's I have taught the following courses:

Introduction to Linguistics (LING 100, undergraduate)
A year long introductory course in linguistics, covering morphology, syntax, phonetics, phonology, acquisition, and LVC.

Morphology (LING 330, undergraduate)
Introductory undergraduate course in morphology.

Syntax (LING 340, undergraduate)
Introductory undergraduate course in syntax.

Historical Linguistics (LING 350, undergraduate)
Intermediate undergraduate course introducing students to major themes in historical linguistics, focusing on topics in phonological, morphological, and syntactic change through time.

Comparative Morphosyntax (LING 360, undergraduate)
Undergraduate course looking at topics in morphosyntax from a comparative perspective.

Directed Readings in Linguistics (LING 501, undergraduate)
One semester course in which a student develops an independent research project, involving weekly meetings with a supervising professor.

Advanced Undergraduate Project in Cognitive Science (COGS 499, undergraduate)
Supervision of a one-semester directed project for students pursuing the linguistics concentration in the Cognitive Science major (overall course directed by a faculty member in the School of Computing).

Linguistic Diversity and Identity (LLCU 110, undergraduate) General survey course looking at topics relating to language typology, languages and varieties in contact, bilingualism, language endangerment, and language revitalization. New course developed 2016.

Linguistic Analysis and Argumentation (LING 400, undergraduate) Advanced undergraduate seminar, introducing students to reading original research articles in linguistics. The focus is on major debates in several different subdisciplines in linguistics (phonology, syntax, psycholinguitics, etc). New course developed 2016.

Fall 2014 (University of Toronto)

Introduction to Syntactic Theory (LIN 1131, graduate), University of Toronto
Introductory graduate course in syntactic theory.

Summer 2014 (EGG)

EGG 2014 @ University of Debrecen
At the 2014 EGG Summer School I taught two courses:

Fall 2013 (University of Toronto)

Syntactic Theory (LIN 331, undergraduate), University of Toronto
Advanced undergraduate course in syntactic theory, introducing students to current theoretical models.

Winter 2013 (University of Toronto)

Morphosyntactic Issues (LIN 432/1133, undergraduate/graduate), University of Toronto
A seminar on advanced topics in morphological theory. Focused on issues in inflectional morphology, comparing various theoretical approaches.

Spring 2012 (Northeastern University)

Semantics (LING 3452, undergraduate), Northeastern University
An introduction to linguistic semantics, for both majors and non-majors.

Introduction to Linguistics (LING 1150, undergraduate), Northeastern University
(2 sections)
An introduction to topics in linguistics, including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, historical linguistics, and sociolinguistics.

Fall 2011 (Northeastern University)

Introduction to Linguistics (LING 1150, undergraduate), Northeastern University
(3 sections)