Current Students

PhD students

MSc students

Dr. Shelley E. Arnott

I’m interested in understanding how environmental conditions, priority effects, and dispersal of individuals across lakes influence community response to environmental change. 

We use a range of approaches (see student projects below), although our forte is conducting field experiments and surveys.

James Sinclair

Thesis title: Teasing apart the relative importance of propagule size, number, diversity, and condition


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Undergraduate Students

Sarah Hasnain

Thesis title: Does Daphnia anti-predator response influence the impacts of the invasive spiny water flea (Bythotrephes longimanus) on zooplankton communities?

Co-advised by Dr. Troy Day



Erin Suenaga

Thesis title: The effects of multiple stressors on zooplankton community structure in lakes of the Canadian Shield


Michele Nicholson

Thesis title: Community-level response following treatment with Zequanox© - a biocide for invasive zebra and quagga mussels


Co-advised by Tim Johnson (OMNR)

Research Interests

Mike Lavender

Thesis title: From patterns to processes: Linking patterns of species association to the processes creating them


Co-advised by

Dr. Jim Rusak, OMOECC

Dr. Brandon Schamp, Algoma U.

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Post-doctoral Fellows

Martha Celis-Salgado

FLAMES lab Post-doctoral fellow

Project: Environmental toxicology

Caleb Yee

Thesis title: Hot or cold: Using climate niches to predict overlaps in habitat suitability between non-native fishes in Ontario


Co-advised by Tim Johnson (OMNRF)

Emma Bloomfield

Thesis title:


Alex McClymont

Danielle Greco

Thesis title: Effects of chloride and nutrients on freshwater zooplankton communities


Co-advised by Brandon Schamp (Algoma)