Kooler Than Ascii
Reincarnation of Luna
Asylum Disciple
"Remember the broadcast we heard last night? Could this be the man that escaped from the insane asylum?"
Source Unknown

Girl Without a Planet
"All I want to do is save the children... not destroy them!"
- The Innocents [IMDB]

Radio Silicon
"I hear voices on the radio... from the DEVIL!"
Source Unknown

Temptation Serenade
"Give it to me"
Source Unknown

The Kult Konnection
"There's no way... there's a lot of... crazy people..."
Source Unknown

The Untouchable Class
"Don't you know there's something more beautiful in this world... than that thing... between your legs...?"
- Andy Warhol's Women in Revolt [IMDB]
"We're rich, we're famous, we're beautiful, and we're miserable."
- Andy Warhol's Women in Revolt [IMDB]

Theme De Luna
"This is what I've been waiting for, all my life... I'm going... I'm really going... I've finally taken a step..."
- The Haunting [IMDB]

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