Kooler Than Ascii
Darling Kandie
Cobra Kiss
- Evil Dead II [IMDB]

Look at the Musik
"I'm electric! I'm electric!"
- Sybil [IMDB]
"I see to be a very special person, I'm in the middle of a strange adventure."
- The Brood [IMDB]
"A madhouse!"
- Planet of the Apes [IMDB]

People Next Door
- Aliens [IMDB]
"I came for you"
- Candyman [IMDB]

Randy Road
"Come to me."
- Bram Stoker's Dracula [IMDB]
"Would you do me a favor and eat my pussy for me? Please?"
- From Dusk Till Dawn [IMDB]
"I want some more."
- Interview with the Vampire [IMDB]

Secret Ceremony
"This is no dream, this is really happening!"
- Rosemary's Baby [IMDB]

Untitled End
"In heaven everything is fine..."
- Eraserhead [IMDB]
"You won't go to heaven when you die"
- The Bad Seed [IMDB]

"You always did look much better as a girl than you do as a man."
- Glen or Glenda [IMDB]

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Alex Fletcher