Kooler Than Ascii
A Crime For All Seasons
Blue Moon
"[Spanish speaking]"
- Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (Note: This song is essentially lifted from The Carrie Nations (girls' band in the movie) song 'Look On Up At The Bottom'.) [IMDB]

Dope Doll Jungle
"Where are we? What am I doing? I'm living a nightmare!"
Source Unknown

Lucifer's Flowers
"Is God in show business too?"
- Zardoz [IMDB]
"I wish you'd tell me what we're talking about"
Source Unknown
"You think you're big, you're not so big!"
Source Unknown

Mr And Mrs bottomless Pit
"Stand by!"
- Amityville 3-D (Note: This is played at variable speeds.) [IMDB]

The Twilight Web
"Listen to the music"
Source Unknown
"See if you can hear that voice again."
Source Unknown
"Take it easy, boy"
- Midnight Cowboy [IMDB]
"It was oh so real... so terribly real!"
- Night Gallery [IMDB]

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