Kooler Than Ascii
The Reincarnation of Luna

Radio Silicon

[s] "I hear voices on the radio... from the DEVIL!"

Mother and Father,
your god's in the gutter
'cuz Luna, she loves us
Mother and Father...

Mother and Father,
your god's in the gutter
'cuz Luna, she loves us
with silicon power!

The Untouchable Class

You are no good to anybody
except you keep that world from falling
a scum-world without satisfaction
an ill world pregnant with processions

Why don't you just stop living?

there's a rock in your soul
there's a hole in your mind
you've got an assful of cash
you've got a mouthful of trash
you're going nowhere fast
you're the untouchable class!

[s] "Don't you know there's something more beautiful in this world...
     than that thing... between your legs...?"

[s] "We're rich, we're famous, we're beautiful, and we're miserable."

stink fist / sick dick
dog pile / rat hole
slime ball / sick pig
trash can / freak man

Why don't you just stop living?

Hour of Zero

Go back to the beginning

Thoughtless words are like shadows
from a world of icons and idols
from a world where words are craven images
upon the tablets of time.

There's no time for love  / where the wild ones live
It's the way of the wicked  / where the wild ones live
born victims of fear,
born into a life where pain is your very best friend.

It could've been me, it could've been you
Left on the doorstep to the human inferno
in the hour of zero.

One life, one fire
Get back to the beginning

in between birth and death we shall go
backwards and forwards and round and round
we talk we twist we turn we blow

our circuits.
get back the beginning.

pulling away, pushing it back
          c   h  a  n  g  e
we will take that chance
          c   h  a  n  g  e
we will move on...

The Kult Konnection

Watch out, we're gonna take over!
TKK's gonna rev your motor
cut the lines that make you sober
hell, no way, the show's not over!

We've got a bomb to set on fire
We've got a drug to take us higher
We control the medication
Turn on your imagination!

Tear it up!
I'm the master of the Mindway
rockin' on the highway, ripping up the airwaves
Give it up!
Get a groove on, man
gonna eat you up
We're an American band!

[s] "There's no way... there's a lot of... crazy people..."

Girl Without a Planet

She wakes up in the morning with a zodiac smile
steps inside the body of a lost and lonely child
made up for the mirror, with make-up like a whore
a hurricane turns in her brain,
little miss No-Tommorrow

She's the Girl without a Planet  -  a girl without a home
She's the Girl without a Planet  -  an angel all alone

There's garbage in her veins and reptiles in her head
pretty poison nightmare, with serpents in her bed
after dusk, her eyes glow, for the tease of sex
play with bombs, and things explode
little miss No-Tommorrow

It's time to think it over
It's time you learned to heal
It's time you changed the record
spin the wheel.

She's a Girl without a Planet...

[s] "All I want to do is save the children... not destroy them!"

Temptation Serenade

Is there someone for me?
Is there someone for me to love?

(beat, beat, beat)

[s] "Give it to me"

Your intoxication
is my one temptation...

Is there someone for me to love?


They used you for their toy
They used you for the joy
they bruised you...
what did you do?

Time to move on
away from clutch of fear
it's over here...

She's lickin' up the liquor
and kickin' up the heat
smoke is getting thicker
like the rhythm of the street

She's got the BOOM
got the BANG
like Bettie LaRue
Swingin' for a stingin'
yeah, you know who!

Gettin' busy in Mississippi...
Let's turn the red lights on  / and party all night long...
Plastic beauty with very large dreams
Gettin' busy in the City...

Flesh Playhouse

Flesh Playhouse:
give us poison
make us holy
keep us happy

Live!  One on One!
Hot young tongue...
Baby's sweet and baby's vicious...
magically delicious...

Meet me in the Flesh Playhouse
Feel me in the Flesh Playhouse
Eat me in the Flesh Playhouse
Beat me in the Flesh Playhouse

Heelz Afire

You keep a secret deep inside
No one suspects the crimes you hide
Your love is like a Voodoo Doll
You paralyze like alcohol
A kiss goodnight is a kiss goodbye

Take a chance with her  - she's danger!
Take a look, you'll see    - she's danger!
Driven on her heelz afire
She'll burn you out!

She beats a drum, but no one hears
She cries in pain, and no one cares
Fire dances in her eyes
Demon goddess in disguise
Her silent nights are filled with lies...

A kiss goodnight is a kiss goodbye...

Jungle Of Love

In the Jungle of Love...

The timeless seduction,
her beautiful thrill
where are you now?
Draped in the shadows
perched ready to kill
where are you now?

In the Jungle of Love
Can the kitten tame the tiger?
Can she keep it all together?
In the Jungle of Love
'cuz her drink has been drugged

Her tears fall like rain
like blood on the spoon
where are you now?
Her power is deadly,
her love is so cruel,
where are you now?

Go girl on the scene, sweet killing machine
where are you now?

Looking for someone to keep you going,
Looking for something to keep you rolling...

Where will she go, and when will she crash?
How does she feel, put out like the trash?
Where will she go, how long can she last?
Living so hard and loving so fast...

Can she keep it all together... 'cuz her drink has been drugged...

Asylum Disciple

[s] "Remember the broadcast we heard last night?  Could this be the man
     that escaped from the insane asylum?"

Tie me up in another world,
Tie me up / Tie me down.

I feel a disconnection
I am the resurrection
I know that Jesus loves me.
He is my self-rejection
I have to find protection
I know that Jesus loves me.

Set it free...

Silence is deadly
beyond the raw
Violence is ready
Sexual Outlaw!

Anger's a gift that you live
that you spit
words that you say
take control of a hit
that you hold inside
anger's a gift that you live

that you spit
words that you say
take control of a hit
that you cannot hide.

Theme De Luna

[s] "This is what I've been waiting for, all my life... I'm going...
     I'm really going... I've finally taken a step..."

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