LAUNCH: Music on Yahoo! September 2, 1997

"This Is Your Life"

by Sandy Masuo

Marsden Daley, more popularly known as Buzz McCoy, is waxing philosophical after a punchy morning spent answering interview questions and autographing copies of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult's new album (and Red Ant Records debut), A Crime For All Seasons. "We both like driving," he says, indicating his partner in crime, Frankie Nardiello (a.k.a. Groovie Mann), across the table from him. "'Cause driving is like--it's your world. Once you have wheels you can go anywhere. It's your escape."

The same could be said of the Thrill Kill Kult's musical legacy: a ten-year ambient-disco-industrial soundtrack to the imaginary road adventure film playing in Buzz and Groovie's minds, chock-full of tawdry glamour queens, handsome devils, deadly sin and all manner of alluring sleaze and cheese. Though they've focused on composing more concrete songs in recent years, their current excursion still features a familiar cast of characters: "Blondes With Lobotomy Eyes," "Mr. & Mrs. Bottomless Pit," "Lucifer's Flowers" and the namesake of their current single, "Sexy Sucker."

Over the years, the Thrill Kill Kult has had its share of ups and downs. Too eccentric to make much of a splash in the mainstream and too wacky to fit into proper industrial circles, they have always hovered contentedly on the fringes of both. With or without label support, they've maintained a loyal, er, cult following, as well as an unflappable sense of humor. It's the wry undercurrent of their music that makes it so genial (however skewed the subject matter), and it's what keeps them going. They never take themselves too seriously. That would kill the fun.

"I think it's like being too aware of what you're doing," Groovie theorizes. "Too many explanations for everything and why you do it and why you did it. It's too self-indulgent."

"I mean we're self-indulgent," Buzz adds, "but we're not carrying a banner saying--" he pauses to saturate his voice with faux-angst, "'This is my life!' We create soundscapes and let other people, the fans, get a hold of them and let them--"

"Interpret it," Groovie jumps in.

"Their way," Buzz concludes. "We like to think that everyone's a star."

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