tonight today October 1990

"My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult"

by Bill LaMorey

transcribed by rorschach without permission

"There are a lot of people who pracitice independent, Satanic rituals. There are just some uh, eccentric housewives trying to imagine the devil under every bed. The potential does exist that some will become involved with a dangerous cult.. the world's most dangerous cult." Perhaps that potential does exist, but if the cult in question happens to be the Thrill Kill Kult, the one need not be concerned. They don't take themselves seriously, and they don't expect their fans to either.

"If we take our songs too seriously, we hate them; if can't laugh at them anymore, then we really hate them," claims vocalist Groovy Mann. "How can you take a song like 'Devil Bunnies' seriously?" asks Jackie Blaque, whose duty in the band is "Go - go butt."

The Kult resembles a hellish biker gang, adorned in black leather and assorted unholy accessories. One might be afraid of them at a first glance, until he realizes that their selection of fashion is, perhaps another means of ridiculing the whole image they have erected for themselves.

If they're not Satanists, and if they're not proponents of evil, then why do they address heresy so often in their lyrics? "Jesus and Satan are just such powerful figures to sing about; everybody takes notice," says keyboardist, percussionist, and tour manager Buck Ryder. He continues playing with an inverted cross around his neck. "If we sang about Stay-Puft the Marshmallow Man, then no one would really question us."

Also incorporated into the Thrill Kill Kult's lyrics are references to obscure films and themes of recreational drug use. "We don't base our songs around any film, the movies are basically in our head," says Groovy. He continues "As far as drugs, we don't use drugs, they basically use us." "We asked them over, and they ended up exploiting us," says Buck between fits of laughter.

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult's latest LP, Confessions of a Knife, is currently Wax Trax's third best selling record. The album contains more gutter thrash dance tracks with decadent lyrics and demented samples. It also displays more of a disco influence than their I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits or the Kult's numerous singles; compiled on Kooler than Jesus.

With their albums being as eclectic as they are, it's no surprise that they listen to a wide variety of bands and musical style. "He doesn't listen to music," says Groovy pointing towards keyboardist and bassist, Buzz McKoy. "He likes Madonna and Janet Jackson," adds Jackie. "We listen to soul, disco, glitter, old metal, Nurse with Wound, Death in June, Coil, Clock DVA..." says Groovy.

The live performance of the Thrill Kill Kult is powerful in front of humorously cheap looking backdrop of imitation fire and a disco ball hanging overhead. Though much of the music is prerecorded, inevitable in retaining album quality in largely electronic music, the band maintains the audience's interest with their energetic performance.

In the future of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult lies an extensive tour, which will bring them to Europe for the first time (on tour). A project called "Sexplosian" is in the making, which will supposedly reveal a new side of the Thrill Kill Kult. In the meantime TKK fans can check out their latest single "'Cuz it's Hot". It'll sear your flesh like hellfire consuming the unpenitent sinner.

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