SIX Magazine Summer 1995

"My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult"

by Stacie LaSeur

We arrived at Ybor City's Masquerade approximately 4:45 PM, just about 15 minutes short of our scheduled interview time with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, we introduced ourselves to the band's tour manager and he then indicated that he would go look for "Buzz or Groovie for the interview". He then left and we found ourselves in the company of two men, one Masquerade security guard who quickly pipes up that he would be glad to be interviewed, and a member of that evening's opening band, Deathride 69. We sit and expect to wait, as this is what usually happens. We engage in conversation with these two gentlemen and learn that the night's previous show was canceled due to sound problems. This should have been our first indication of possible problems to come. Nevertheless, we sit around watching all sorts of roadies, soundmen and the like walk around doing their jobs. 5:00 comes and goes and so does 6:00. We change seats.

At last! Groovie Mann, the sultry leader of the band walks in with Cinderella Pussie, one of the latest additions. He smiles at us as he walks by. Over the total of four hours, our previous friend from Deathride 69 has gone and gotten his hair styled and dyed, the tour manager has gone on some sort of shopping stint at the area Walgreens, and Masquerade employees have come in and begun preparation for tonight's show, and last but not least, Thrill Kill Kult is on stage getting very frustrated about their soundcheck. While all this is going on the doors (gasp!) open for the show. Some security guys whisper into their earpieces asking someone unseen if they should let us stay. The kind member of Deathride 69 then comes up to this guard and instructs him that we will be staying as we had been there all afternoon.

At this point, we see Groovie Mann step off the stage and walk backstage. This may be our one and only chance! We walked right into the backstage area and surprise him by introducing ourselves. At first he seems reluctant, but he does agree to do a 15 minute interview with us, probably because of our perseverance. Groovie Mann walks us out to the tour bus to conduct the interview. He offers us a drink...the perfect host. I look over my questions and glance at my watch, already feeling like time was running up. My first question is obvious... how did it all begin? "Uh, '87 Buzz and I formed out of boredom and out of just, over the band scene and bands, that whole thing, and we were just bored and collaborating and I had books of notes and we had samples. We just kind of goofed around and created this music. We had ideas about films and we borrowed somebody's movie camera, you know, we've told this story many times..." (strike two). Okay, let's move onto something not so redundant. Why does the line up change so much? (i.e. the Bomb Gang Girlz). "Some of the girls move on to do other things. We introduce new vocalists from time to time to change the sound. Cinderella Pussie being the newest voice behind "Hit & Run Holiday". The other people, they want to do other things. Secret (Dame) went on to do plays, and she was a performance artist in the beginning anyway. They all have things that they want to do. It's kind of hard for some people to deal with touring and not touring, so it all depends on what you want out of life." And how does the band always find new talent, I inquire. "Bars, people that just come around that we know throughout the years. It's just kind of a natural thing". At this point Cinderella Pussie comes in for a Kleenex...

What about Thrill Kill Kult's major screen debut in the Crow? "I guess through one of the guys, Jeff Moust, or something was putting the soundtrack together and was familiar with us and went out searching for us and contacted our management and you know...he just liked us and went searching for us, as what happened with Showgirls too". What about the band having a clip in the Crow? "I think it was kind of a package...well, our fans know, but they never ever promote the movie that way. If you ever notice, it says, they take the big names like Nine Inch Nails or Joe Schmoe is on the soundtrack. They don't use us because, uh, our name is too long". What about Thrill Kill Kult's image? "We concentrate on certain looks sometimes, but it's basically anything goes. How we feel at the time, it's a phase we go through, in and out of, and then we file it as chapter in the movie "My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult", in the book, whatever. It's all phases". Is the image show or real life for the members? "Equal parts", responds Groovie Mann, 'it's us, then this show, every night we express how we feel. If it's all works out. It's hard to might have to ask that again." Moving right along...'Our next album that we are going to put out is a phase that we've already been through. We'll create a show for it next year. We'll have the music, but who knows how we'll be feeling when we put it together for a show, what will align with it, what visual thing, or attitude it will take because time will have past". Tonight's show? "We call it the inferno's a packaging of a selection of songs which we either want to pluck from all the different areas, all the different albums, and package it into this express, meaning like, the hits. Our favorite songs. We'll play a selection of favorites as opposed to when we do the big show, like say our next album. A solid show of the new stuff and then some favorites. We're now doing more original versions of the first two albums or whatever."

I figure our time is up so I wind up the interview. Groovie Mann offers us the Thrill Kill Kult video featuring videos ranging from 'Kooler Than Jesus' to'Glamour Is A Rocky Road' and short movie clips. We finally snap a few pictures and that ends our 15 minutes of fame with Thrill Kill Kult's Groovie Mann.

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