NME November 1990

"Thrill Kill Kult hit Bum Note"

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult have been banned from playing in Derry after the local council saw a picture of the band with a nude woman.

Derry City Council ordered the group to be dropped from a public-funded rock festival in the city this week after seeing a publicity shot of the Chicago sleaze band posed next to a poaster of a naked female bottom. Local politicians were also outraged to learn two of the band are gay and all the group claim to take drugs.

Thrill Kill Kult were to have played a double bill at the Stardust Hall in the heart of Derry's Catholic Bogside area next Friday (November 10) with German labelmates KMFDM (which stands for Kill Motherf-- Depeche Mode), but neither act will now appear. However, Silverfish, whose last single was titled 'Total F-- Asshole' and the Paris Angels will still play.

Gig organizer Tony Docherty said: "We were really pissed off with the council because we'd spent months trying to set this show up."

The Thrill Kill Kult have also cancelled all their proposed European shows after they were attacked on stage in Germany last week.

And there have been troubles too for KMFDM whose new album 'Naive' has been banned from the Sound Warehouse chain of record stores in the USA. The shop claims the cover shows a rape scene, but the artist who designed the sleeve, NME illustrator Aiden Hughes, says it in fact shows a consenting couple making love on a beach while a nuclear explosion goes off in the background.

KMFDM's vocalist En Esch commented: "It's funny that in America you can buy crack on the streets and guns over the counter but you can't buy our record."

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Alex Fletcher