ICGN September 20, 1996

"My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult"

by Jill Grant

Sanctum, Pontiac, Michigan

ICGN: Do you have a new album coming out?

Groovie Mann: Yeah, as soon as we get a label together, we have another new album coming out called "The Crime For All Seasons." It's a 10 track album.

ICGN: What's it going to be like?

G: It's sort of similar say to some of the earlier stuff. It's got a combination of different types of songs on it. Kind of like how "Confessions" is. Some aggressive songs and some dance grooves. It's pretty interesting.

ICGN: When do you expect it's going to be available?

G: Around January hopefully. As soon as we can settle on the label that we want.

ICGN: How's that going?

G: OK. Got a couple of different ideas. WaxTrax!/TVT is interested in getting it and some other new label called Red Ant have expressed interest in it too so we'll just wait and see.

ICGN: How much new material are you performing on this tour?

G: One track. We're doing a lot of early stuff from the first album, so a lot of stuff that people haven't heard, or wanted to hear through the years that we don't play, the harder songs: Gateway To Hell, On This Rack, you know, a lot of the first album stuff. It's a pretty solid set.

ICGN: It's kind of an odd time to be touring. Is this more to promote the Deathride 69 project?

G: No. We just wanted to pop out there and do some shows and let our fans and friends know that we're still thinking of them.

ICGN: Since you're somewhat involved with Deathride 69, can you tell me about them?

G: Buzz produced some of their album and I just did a couple of vocal tracks, but that project's just been Linda LeSabre's, Beat Mistress' project and that's her band. They dubbed it as our side project and that was a wrong thing. That was a mistake. It was a mistake that the label almost intentionally made to market it, you know. It wasn't our side project. I mean, can you imagine having this band for like 8 to 10 years and then being like referred to as someone's side project? They were kind of annoyed actually with that. It's fun for us though. I mean, I'm like, 'Oh, I like produced the album too?!' Cos that's what it said on the computer things you get info on it. It cracked me up. But yeah, they used to put out 12" stuff, you know West Coast Damn, I think. Elvis Christ, that's one of their older songs. I can remember seeing their records around. Hard to find kind of things. They weren't distributed.

ICGN: What are My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult all about?

G: Everything that's around each of us and all of us. It's just an expression of how we feel at the time. You know, like each album, that's why they're all so different. It's just the way that our lives are going and how we're expressing ourselves and what's influencing us at the time and then we do it and then we go on to the next phase of things. It's kind of a natural process. It just happens. People, when they heard "Hit and Run," they were like 'WHAT!? All those horns?' They didn't get that. That was just a period of time. Our studio was in Malibu. We were inspired by 60's stuff. We were inspired by the girl group thing. It's like a whole bunch of ideas kind of combined to make this concept of "Hit and Run." A whole bunch of things just combined.

ICGN: Is the writing done as a team?

G: It's team. Buzz usually does all the music and I collect lyrics and titles and then go there and jam and fit it all in and create it. Some stuff, like the new album, a lot of it we created on the spot. Few ideas, but it just kind of happened spontaneously. Our music, I like it that way. It just like sparks.

ICGN: How have all the member changes over the years affected the sound?

G: I don't think it has. It's good to bring in different voices. We brought Cinderella Pussie in for "Hit & Run Holiday" to give it that girl group, rock chick feel cause that's what we felt like we wanted. That's about the only thing we really bring into it right now is different chicks, but not necessarily people that write. It's me and Buzz who usually write everything.

ICGN: How do you come about finding these new people?

G: Word of mouth, clubs, people who hang out. It's just kind of like surface.

ICGN: Will there ever be a My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult movie?

G: Yeah. We always say 'We're still shooting it.' We are the movie, but there will be some kind of collage. We're just collecting it. So, yeah there will be.

ICGN: What kind of progress is there, or do you have any kind of vision for a completion time?

G: Probably around 2000. Yeah, probably before 2000. Like 1999 or something.

ICGN: Since this has always been a concept of the band, can you tell me about how it started?

G: We had ideas about film and we borrowed cameras from a friend of ours and did some goofing around. We just used to jam. We'd find some loop and just play it and just ramble on and just play around with it, and drink and smoke and have little parties and just roll it.

ICGN: If you could ever make a soundtrack for a movie, if there's an existing movie that you'd like to make a soundtrack for?

G: I haven't seen any movies lately. I think it would be probably fun to do a soundtrack to a Roman Polanski film or Paul Morrissey, who did Warhol's early stuff.

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