DiSCORDER August 1995

"Thrill Kill Kult"

by Tara Nelson

"Sextasy," we said to ourselves. "Hmm...sex, and ecstasy, and a couple of wicked bands, and a bunch of underground art, and a whole room full of people in wild bondage gear. Yeah... Hell, yeah!" Yeah, right.

As is often the case with sex and/or drugs, the Sextasy Ball promised a whole lot of things it didn't really deliver. First of all, there wasn't nearly enough sex in the air at the Ball. And based on the number of people who asked me if I knew anyone selling X, I assume there wasn't enough of that either... Anyway, a little background: The Sextasy ball is a touring show featuring My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Lords of Acid. Also displayed are slides of artwork in various media, and a video installation - basically a wall of TVs showing film clips from horror movies. Local shops and organizations are given the chance to sell their wares and promote themselves at tables set up along the walls.

The tour has run into some snags along the way (like when the cops raided it one night and confiscated some artwork featuring youths and children), but it made it across the border all right and hit Vancouver on July 10. My friend Craig and I were there, looking divine I might add, and we took the opportunity to speak with Kitty and Blackie Oz of the original Bomb Gang Girlz from MLWTTKK.

DiSCORDER: Tell us about the new album. There was an advance cassette, but we didn't get one...

Kitty: I wasn't given one either!

Jackie: It's called Hit and Run Holiday.

Kitty: It's a story - all our albums have a theme. This one is wild, y'know, take off and hitchhike across the country, pick up a guy...

Jackie: It's a cool theme.

Kitty: Y'know, have a good time! We're doing seven new songs in the set tonight; almost the whole first half of the set is off the new album so no one's ever heard them before. We're getting a really good response from people. They're singing along even though they've never heard the record, which is kinda funny! It's got a good go-go trash thrill Ronettes kinda thing.

So the women had more influence on this album?

Kitty: We actually have more women than men this time.

What's the current line-up?

Kitty: Well of course we have Groovie Mann singing. And we have Buzz McCoy, who plays guitar on the first half and keyboards on the second half, and me, Kitty, on keyboards, and Jackie doing her thing. We got a new girl, Cinderella Pussy, who sings, and the Beat Mistress on drums. And of course, Levi Levi on bass.

Where did you record the album?

Kitty: In Malibu. Buzz has his own studio there.

Is this the first time you've played with Lords of Acid?

Kitty: Yeah, and we've been waiting to play with them for years. It's been really good, cuz they rock.

Jackie: Plus they don't know what we're talking about.

Having a little fun with the foreign people?

Kitty: Yeah! They're starting to get it though, so we have to tone it down now. They're starting to comprendez (laughs). They're great!

Are you still affiliated with Wax Trax Records at all?

Kitty: No, but we're friends. We're hoping to take Chris Connelly out with us on some dates in the fall.

Have you seen all the art installations being shown? Are there any ones we should look for?

Kitty: Well, I have six slides showing, paintings.

Any problems at the border?

Jackie: (smiling brightly) We told them we were going fishing! Salmon fishing!

Kitty: And they confiscated this guy that I had kidnapped. They wouldn't let him over, so I had to leave him. I gave him 20 bucks - what'd he want me to do?

Jackie: He was from Texas, he should get there soon.

On the road, are you a democratic band?

Jackie: No! It's a dictatorship - whoever has the most power.

Kitty: Whoever has the bottle of Absolut! You gotta be nice to whoever's holding it and you can't put anything down or it's gone.

Any other good stories or sleazy innuendoes?

Kitty: Oh God, it doesn't even seem sleazy anymore. It's like you're in grade school or something. Like, 'Oh yeah, another big black penis rolling down the stairs, big deal.'

What's your number one entertainment on the tour bus?

(The Bomb Gang Girlz cough profusely and look away)

Kitty: Uh, the people who come parading through every day - they bring us stuff...

Jackie: Little boys.

Which you then abandon at the border!

Kitty: (shrugs) The younger and cuter the better! We get a pretty good freak show parade coming through.

Do you think the hype over the few industrial bands that have gotten really big over the past couple of years has helped create the recent explosion of S&M bondage culture, or was that happening anyway?

Kitty: It was totally happening anyway. It's just the 'Eye Witness News Team' hadn't figured it out yet. It finally dawns on them, and they're like, 'This is a big blah that just happened.' We've been doing it ourselves for fifteen years.

Jackie: That's how we met!

Kitty: And our freak show that comes through our bus are the people we met when we started doing this eight years ago. They show up every time with their new toys, and they're fun. They do a show for us, we do a show for them, sometimes at the same time! It's nice, actually.

So much for the nice part - on with the complaining! In short ('cause the deadline is long past), the art was mostly very interesting, but poorly labeled, making it damn hard to figure out who had done what (a program would have helped a lot). As for the video wall, well, I can rent Maximum Overdrive any time I want. I hate it when people confuse sloppiness with sensory overload.

The evening's show began with fire-eater Hiro Hauato, who also juggled it, breathed it and generally got closer to it than you'd ever want to. Neat. Next were MLWTTKK, who, despite having a stage full of groovy-looking people, seemed incapable of getting any real excitement out of themselves or the crowd. The band played mostly new material with a few oldies ("Kooler than Jesus" was definitely the high point). Maybe their expanded show in the fall will be better.

Far more entertaining were the Lords of Acid, a band who actually had a touch of the wild abandon the night was lacking. Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with their stuff, so I couldn't tell you what songs they did. Oh well. As for the rest of you who wimped out on the chance to be really fabulous for one night, hey, if Craig managed to cram himself into a dress and fishnets, you could have done something with your hair, at least. The sea of jeans and sweatshirts was enough to make a girl loose all faith in perversity. Y'oughta be ashamed of yourselves...

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