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What you need to read to know as much as the FAQ Keeper

I feel the urge to learn... what should I read?
Judging from the current state of things, you should find lots of little plastic people rave pamphlets to read, and then proceed to burn your brain out on various illicit drugs at them. But, since we all know that is a complete waste of time, there is a nice list of Interviews and articles about the Thrill Kill Kult that is worth reading.

Interview Listing

Tabooed Love Boys Melody Maker (Oct 1990)
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Tonight Today (Oct 1990)
Thrill Kill Kult hit bum note NME (Nov 1990)
Run To The Thrills NME (1990)
Kultural Overload Melody Maker (1990)
From obscurity to life in My Life With the TKK Pause To Play (Sep 1993)
Thrill Kill Kult 1993 Convulsion (1993)
Thrill Kill Kult DiSCORDER (Aug 1995)
Thrill Kill Kult Underscope (Nov 1995)
Thrill Kill Kult SIX Magazine (1995)
Thrill Kill Kult ICGN (Sep 1996)
This is your Life LAUNCH: Music on Yahoo! (Sep 1997)
Glamour is a Rocky Road Williamette Weekly (Jul 2000)
Run to Interview w/ Groovie Mann MusicDish (May 2001)
Thrill Kill Kult blogcritics.org (Nov 2002)

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