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Who To Blame For What You've Just Read


Who told you these scurrilous lies?
All sorts of people, actually. The section that would normally be called "Acknowledgements" (which is now arranged in alphabetical order by e-mail address) goes something like this:

  Sean Doody (ac729@detroit.freenet.org):
				      David and Ice IX
  Dada (adada@interaccess.com):       Wolfgang and Girlfriends
  D'rat (agrooms@netwalk.com):        BBSes and Transsexuals
  The Angelus (angelus@crl.com):      Beatmistress and Death Ride 69
  Smutty (asmdl@uaa.alaska.edu):      Red Ants and Laters
  tim (billowitchj@1div-stmp1.cpp.usmc.mil):
				      Clubs and Vampires
  Moth (burcham@colorado.edu):        Sexuality and Pigface
  chase (chase@ttlnet.com):           Headcheese and Re-Constriction
  Chris (clieggi@shrike.depaul.edu):  WAX055 and Pretty Colours
  Aaron Reynolds (clifford@freenet.hut.fi):
				      Names and Dates
  Louise Charlebois (co707@freenet.carleton.ca):
				      Marston and Mexico
  ddtd (D.Thomas@midxprs.aldhfn.org): URLs and Telephones
  David Caruso (dc8182@sgi.net):      Laminates and Lobotomies
  Kiya Babzani (denial@ix.netcom.com):
				      Links and Plates
  dRaven (draven@pulsar.cs.wku.edu):  Interviews and Web Pages
  Aaron Schultz (drmthf@gate.net):    Suspense and Pitchforks
  Alex Fletcher (alex@post.queensu.ca):
                                      Updates and Propagation
  Xian Zombie (fydor@i1.net):         Lists and Answers
  james (garlandb@ix.netcom.com):     Gloom and Peroxide
  J.W. Holt (ggluv@netcom.com):       Initials and Inspired Brilliance
  Jason Boyko (jab510@cs.usask.ca):   Promos and Singles
  BISCUIT O' DOOM (JLC5307@tntech.edu):
				      Records and Labels
  Rev69 (jmck@usa.pipeline.com):      _Elvis Christ_ and EHC
  Chad Pelander (jondoe@datacruz.com):
                                      Lyrical corrections
  Craig Keliher (keliher@msn.com):    Setlists and Titles
  Jennifer Meeker (kenmeeker@dcmi.net):
				      Kill Joy and Kavities
  Hartsell (kharts@kern.com):         Pictures
  Kathleen Tibbetts (ktibbett@post.cis.smu.edu):
				      Beavis and Butt-Head
  Lorri Creviston (lcrew@law.emory.edu):
				      Samples and Virgins
  Strik9 (lycs86b@prodigy.com):       Pigface and "Leathersex"
  Mayo242 (mayo242@aol.com):          Compilations and Posters
  Mike Bellman (mbellman@main.coin.missouri.edu):
				      Novels and Tech Notes
  Rex (mgullick@facstaff.wisc.edu):   Laura and Laura
  Violent Fluid (mrgc08d@prodigy.com):
				      KoolStufffffff and Thingz
  Rev. Steve Slack (obnostic@erols.com):
				      Production and Videos
  Nick Christianson (panam@mail.execpc.com):
                                      Red Ant stuff
  Phuturex (phuturex@sound.net):      Houses and Worlds
  RAvER (raver@galstar.com):          Formatting and Revision Markings
  Russ Sayers (ripp002d@frank.mtsu.edu):
				      Tapes and Texas
  rorschach (rorschach@bigfoot.com):  Interviews
  sborst@nyx.cs.du.edu:               Mindways and Silence
  Matt Kneupper (setch@hotmail.com):  Updates, mistakes, Videos, etc
  Sister Mary Widow (shewolf@sunspot.tiac.net):
				      Newsgroups and Cross-posting
  VEil (sinful@escape.ca):            Updates and mistakes
  Lisa Randall (smg@smg.org):         Bass and Pasta
  Dr. Strangelove (smith4@gort.canisius.edu):
				      _Sliver_ and Soundtracks
  Shannon Jackson (sojjack@prodigy.com):
				      huH and Human Remains
  ILLUMINATI (spectre@flinet.com):    Trivia and 242
  St. Kimberly of the Bruised Head (swygert@gibbs.oit.unc.edu):
				      Questions and Catalogues
  ronald (rbh4218@acs.tamu.edu):      Compilations and Tourmates
  Virtual Night Angel (travis@cfcla.com):
				      Correlations and Contacts
  Valour (valour@avana.net):          Sekrets and _Showgirls_
  Mike (volt16@primenet.com):         Records and Addresses
  semaj de sade (worlock@privatei.com):
				      Cassettes and Creatures
  Bill Orr (worr@lawsun.law.fsu.edu): Promo Stickers and Remixes
  Dave Ross (z956832@oats.farm.niu.edu):
				      Numbers and Videotapes
  Skank (933546br@elec.gla.ac.uk):    Videos and Other Bands
  Rachelle (rachelle_kobilarov@hotmail.com):
                                      Sample notes and fixes
  the folks of the TKK list, r.m.i. and alt.music.mlwttkk:
				      Facts and Inspiration
  the people at Wax Trax!/TVT, Interscope, and lately Red Ant:
				      CDs and Vinyl

...and, of course, the Getalong Gang. Y'all know who y'are. Cheers.

What else is there to know about this FAQ?
For once, I've actually got something to say here. No, you can't tell the rest of the world that you wrote this or anything, and all of the usual Standard Rules of Use(tm) still apply, but this is also the last edition of the FAQ for which I'm going to be responsible. After sitting around and doing nothing with it for the past year (the last update, which I don't even remember posting anywhere), I've decided to hand it off to Alex Fletcher (alex@post.queensu.ca), a guy who has contributed more to the ongoing development of this wretched little file than just about anybody else. I have no idea what he plans on doing with it in the future, but it certainly can't amount to less than I've been doing.
That said, thanks a lot to everybody who has contributed to getting this FAQ as far as it has come since 1995, when the members of the TKK list that existed in those days decided that it would be kinda nice to have a FAQ to call their own. I certainly couldn't have stitched all of this stuff together without your help, and blah blah blah... [insert further thank- you cliches here]
And that's about that. Alex is the man to send all of your updates to from here on in, so get cracking... this isn't an easy job to pull off solo.
-Taylor McLaren, 18 February 1998

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Alex Fletcher