Kooler Than Ascii
Unreleased Tracks

Over time, there have been a number of unreleased tracks or remixes. This page is intended to collect information about these varied tracks.

Asylum Disciple (Narcissus Pool mix)
This track was apparently turned down from the Golden Pillz release. The reason is rumoured to be that the band was unhappy with the final result, as it reportedly used all new music, and some samples from the original vocal lines. Apparently the track was reworked by the Narcissus Pool and the result used as the final track on their 'Rehearsing for Dimentia' release with the title 'Gutter'.

Dream Baby (Ebon's Unreleased Dark Dreams Mix)
Mixed for the My Life Remixed disc, but not added due to time length restrictions. It was found streaming on the official My Life Remixed website at the time of the album's release.

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Alex Fletcher