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Green Darkness: Fan Klub Kompilation Vol. 1 album (1989) CS -- 1989 (Independant Release...) CD -- 2004 (Uniks of the Western World: UWW03) 2:25 Rosemary (Intro) 6:44 Nervous Xians (Ruff '88) 10:49 Universal Blackness (Live '88) 3:46 Confessions III (The Curse) 4:58 Days Of Swine And Roses (Instrumental Version) 2:34 Nervous Xians (UK Throwout Mix) 4:31 Easy Girl (UK Throwout Mix) 4:31 Acid Xians 8:27 Mendacity (Live '88) 6:56 Shadoworld (Hammerhead Housewife And The Thrill Kill Kult) 0:05 Acid X-Mass '88 ! ?:?? X-Communication (Live Inferno X-Press 90) ! ?:?? Blondeyes (Live Inferno X-Press 90) ! CD release only Notes: The 2004 CD release is a limited edition release via the Kult Konnection.
Ride The Mindway Kult Kompilation 89-96 video (1996) VHS -- 1996 (Independant Release...) ...And This Is What The Devil Does! Kooler Than Jesus ! Sex On Wheelz Dream Baby @ Sex On Wheelz (Cool World version) Final Blindness $ Blue Buddha Glamour Is A Rocky Road (Live At the Rave In Milwaukee, WI) Sexplosion! (Orgazm mix) % My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult mini movie ! This video is the homemade version @ This video is the Cool World version, and is the Motorcity Mix $ The music for this video is neither the Ultra Flesh mix, nor the original version % This is a ~20 minute movie in which Groovie, Buzz, etc play parts in skits with the Bomb Gang Girlz and others. Notes: The whole video was put together by the band and released independantly, so has no UPC barcode.
9 Lives Are Not Enough album (1997) CD -- 1997 (Bootleg Release...) CD -- 1999 (Bootleg Release...) 5:39 I Always Wanted To Be A Movie Star (Demo '93) 4:49 Her Sacrifice '94 2:57 Dirty Velvet '96 3:40 King Of The Wheel '94 5:09 The Days Of Swine And Roses (Live) 5:09 Gateway to Hell 1991 (Inferno X-Press Live) 5:57 Shock of Point 6 (Live) 4:42 Vertigo Blonde (Live Demo) 2:04 Songs Of Loving You (Ruff '95) 5:54 The Most Mizerable Girlz In The Whole USA (Yeah Starbaby) ! ?:?? Flesh Playhouse (Live July '00) ! ?:?? I'm Electrik (Studio Demo) ! 1999 (2000?) CD release only Notes: 'Vertigo Blonde' is a live version of the Special Affect track 'Vertigo Feeling'. Reportedly, 'I'm Electrik' is a studio demo from the 'Hammerhead Housewife' side project. 'Dirty Velvet' is reportedly an early version of 'Sexy Sucker' and is an outtake from the Showgirls recording sessions. It is also known as 'Seduction 23', found on the 2004 release of 'My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult'. 'King of the Wheel' is reportedly an alternate version of 'Apollo 69' from 'Hit and Run Holiday'.
Years of Darkness album (2000) CD -- 2000 (Bootleg Release...) 2:18 The Kult 6:06 Ride the Mindway (Industrial Virus remix) 5:09 Gateway to Hell (live) 6:02 Tonight We Murder (full length version) 3:24 Mindblower 3:51 Her Sassy Kiss 4:38 Sex on Wheelz (Motor City remix) 4:06 Farout 1 2:58 After the Flesh 3:56 Wasted Time 2:37 Somebody New 5:52 Blue Buddha (Housewarming mix) 5:46 Leathersex (Volume One remix) 7:15 Hit & Run Holiday (12" Dance mix) 4:19 Sexy Sucker (Ben Grosse Tritek Radio edit) ?:?? Lucifer's Flowers (Psychotic remix) Notes: This is reportedly a fairly rare bootleg put together from Italy. This information has not been confirmed to this time. 'Mindblower' is the same track as on the Fred album release.
Groovie 13 album (2003) CD -- 2003 (Uniks of the Western World: UWW01) 5:42 Tonight We Murder (w/ Ministry -- Rough 1987) 2:26 Vertigo Feeling (Special Affect -- Demo 1979) 3:55 The Heat (Drowning Craze -- Rough 12" Mix UK 1982) 3:25 Moments of Inspiration/Mindblower (w/ Fred Gianelli 1991) 2:44 Nothing (Special Affect -- 1980 Too Much Soft Living LP) 2:59 He Was (Drowning Craze -- Jan 2, 1982 John Peel Radio One) 2:15 Reality Will Come Crashing Down (E.W.T. --- 1998) 4:59 Sin Enough? (w/ Todd Wod Miner -- 2000) 2:28 Touched? By X (E.W.T. -- 1998) 5:20 Who? Why? Murdered (Frankemann Mix 1999) 3:23 Trance (Drowning Craze -- 1st Single 1981) 3:06 Clearfire For The Fallen (E.W.T. -- Rough) 6:52 Nervousa X. (E.W.T. -- G.Mann Mix) Notes: The 2003 CD release is a limited edition release via the Kult Konnection. The 'Who? Why? Murdered' mix is a new mix of either 'Burning Dirt' or 'Tonight We Murder'.
Danse Infernale album (2004) CD -- 2004 (Uniks of the Western World: UWW02) ?:?? Devil Does Drugs (Hypnotic Mix) 4:01 Mindcage (Speedbliss Mix) 6:19 Sex on Wheelz (Hot Tracks Mix) 5:45 Lucifer's Flowers (Bliss Hardcore Mix) 5:01 Blue Buddha (Ba-Baloo Mix) 7:03 Sexy Sucker (Lewis & Rich Thrust Mix) ?:?? Flesh Playhouse (Full Frontal Mix) ?:?? Someone 4 Me (DJ MK Mix) 5:22 Cuz It's Hot (Sex Until Mix) Notes: The 2004 CD release is a limited edition release via the Kult Konnection.
The Kult Konnection video (2004) DVD -- 2004 (Rykodisc: RDVD 10696) * Intro ("Gateway To Hell") * ...And This Is What The Devil Does! * Kooler Than Jesus * Sex On Wheelz * Sexplosion! * International Sin Set TKK Promo ("Sexplosion", "Devil Bunnies", "The Kult Konnection", "A Daisy Chain 4 Satan", "Cuz It's Hot") * Blue Buddha * Glamour Is A Rocky Road * Dope Doll Jungle * Hard, Fast & Beautiful @ Hit & Run Holiday @ Glamour Is A Rocky Road @ Portrait Of The Damned @ Apollo 69 @ Chemical Cop Out @ Babylon Drifter @ Golden Strip @ Doris Love Club @ Hot Blood Risin' @ Blue Buddha My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (Original Movie Footage) ("International Sin Set", "Leathersex", "Mystery Babylon", "Sex On Wheelz", "Mood No. 6", "Dream Baby") Credits ("Stripper's Only") * This is the music video @ This is live in concert Notes: The tracks listed in quotes after certain 'chapters' listed above are the music tracks used for those segments of video.

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