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Special Affect: Mood Music single (1979) 7" -- 1979 (?) ?:?? I Know A Girl 2:12 Vertigo Feeling ?:?? Innocense
Special Affect: The Original Soundtrack From album (1981) The Motion Piction "Too Much Soft Living" LP -- 1981 (Special Affect Music: 008028X) 4:06 Nuclear Gloom 2:09 Headache 2:26 Blondes On The Run 2:43 Nothing, Nothing 3:46 Too Much Soft Living 1:59 What Next 2:23 Clean Cut 2:53 Bruiser Boy 2:32 Unbreakable 2:50 Killjoy Interference 1:48 Let Go Notes: The legendary (?) Special Affect album, made possible by the creative talents of Marty Sorenson (Bass), Al Jourgensen (Guitar), Franke [sic] Nardiello (vocals), and Harry Rushakoff (Drums) (of Concrete Blonde!) with guest/backup vocals by somebody named Minerva. The album is billed as the soundtrack to a movie by the same name that nobody's ever heard of. At the time of the recording, Al was described by his band mates as "a hippie." They even said he auditioned for the group by jamming along with a Led Zeppelin album. You'd never guess that from listening to this album. It is pretty much standard new-wavey-garage-combo fare. The album was apparently released on Wednesday, June 10, 1981. Any other information is appreciated. Liner notes: All songs written, performed and arranged by Special Affect: Marty Sorenson, Al Jourgensen, Franke Nardiello, Harry Rushakoff. Guest starring Minerva, back-up vocals. Keyboard on "Nuclear Gloom" by Bill Wood. Produced by Martin E. Delaney. Recorded at Tanglewood Studios, Brookfield, Ill. Engineered by Larry Milas.
Drowning Craze: Trance single (1981) 7" -- 1981 (Beggar's Banquet/Situation 2: SIT 13) 3:23 Trance ?:?? I Love the Fjords Notes: Groovie Mann (under the guise of 'Frankie Nardiello') was the singer on this release, replacing Angela Jaeger. The other band members were Paul Cumming, Simon Langford Godfrey, and Simon Raymonde.
Drowning Craze: Heat single (1982) 7" -- 1982 (Beggar's Banquet/Situation 2: SIT 16) ?:?? Heat ?:?? Replays Notes: Groovie Mann (under the guise of 'Frankie Nardiello') was the singer on this release, replacing Angela Jaeger. The other band members were Paul Cumming, Simon Langford Godfrey, and Simon Raymonde.
Ministry: Stigmata single (1988) 12" -- 1988 (Sire/Warner Brothers: 0-21113) CD -- 1988 (Sire/Warner Brothers: ?) CD -- 1993 (WEA International: 41269-2) 6:02 Tonight We Murder Notes: Groovie Mann was the featured vocalist on this B Side. He also painted the cover art for the single release. The 1993 release is a 3CD box set of Ministry singles called simply 'Box'.
Excessive Force: Conquer Your House single (1991) 12" -- 1991 (Wax Trax!: WAX 9175) CD -- 1991 (Wax Trax!: WAXCD 9175) 6:33 Conquer Your House 5:45 To Death * 4:12 Stupid Man * CD release only Notes: This is one of two Excessive Force releases that featured Buzz's input in one form or another; X-F has gone on to become yet another one of Sascha Konietzko's pseudonyms since then.
Excessive Force: Conquer Your World album (1991) LP -- 1991 (Wax Trax!: WAX 7176) CS -- 1991 (Wax Trax!: WAXCS 7176) CD -- 1991 (Wax Trax!: WAXCD 7176) CS -- 1993 (Wax Trax!: TVT 7176-2) CD -- 1993 (Wax Trax!: TVT 7176-4) 4:55 Conquer Your House II 6:32 Conquer Your World 4:51 Blow Your House Down 3:31 To Death II 5:04 Ride the Bomb 6:32 We Like War 3:24 Worship Me 4:29 Finger on the Trigger * 5:02 Conquer Your House III * CD releases only Notes: Not only was this the second Excessive Force release that Buzz was involved with in one form or another, but Jacky Blacque also provided vocals on the track "Blow Your House Down".
Fred: Fred album (1991) LP -- 1991 (Wax Trax!: WAX 8166) CD -- 1991 (Wax Trax!: WAXCD 8166) CS -- 1993 (Wax Trax!: TVT 8166-4) CD -- 1993 (Wax Trax!: TVT 8166-2) 3:24 Mindblower 6:09 Mr. Denny 5:40 V... For Vendetta 6:53 Rosebud 5:54 Quintessence ! 6:30 Black Burn ! 6:31 Macadamian Mix ! 5:52 Suburbarenity ! CD and CS releases only Notes: This project featured Groovie Mann on vocals on a few songs. He actually does the lead vocals on the track Mindblower.
KMFDM: Split/Piggybank single (1991) CD -- 1991 (Wax Trax!: WAXCDS 9174) CD -- 1993 (Wax Trax!: TVT 8674-2) 4:20 Naive 1991 (TKK Mix - Edit) Notes: This is a hacked-off version of the Thrill Kill Kult remix of "Naive" from the 1990 TKK/KMFDM remix single.
Pigface: Welcome to Mexico Asshole album (1991) CD -- 1991 (Invisible Records: INV011CD) 12" -- 1991 (Invisible Records: INV011) Notes: Buzz McCoy is credited (as Marston Daley) with assistance on this live Pigface release.
Dink - Get On It 12" -- 1995 (Capitol Records: 58365-1) CD -- 1995 (Capitol Records: DPRO79570) CD -- 1995 (Capitol Records: 58365) ?:?? Get On It (Blue Print Mix) ?:?? Get On It (Steel Mix) ?:?? Get On It (Cement Mix) ?:?? Get On It (Brick Mix) Notes: Buzz McCoy remixed one of these versions with Sascha from KMFDM. If you have information on which one, please contact me.
Death Ride 69: Screaming Down the Gravity Well album (1996) CD -- 1996 (Fifth Colvmn: 63221) CD -- 1999 (Invisible Records: INV153CD) 4:52 Needle 4:05 Super Hot Sister 69 Notes: Vocals on these two tracks were done by Groovie Mann. Buzz McCoy is also listed as a co-producer for the album.
Radio Iodine: Never Meant To single (1997) CD -- 1997 (Universal Records: U5P1171) CD -- 1997 (Universal Records: RU 1171) 6:04 Never Meant To (Kiss Off Mix) Notes: This track was remixed by Buzz McCoy.
Evil Mothers: The Incrimination Fruit album (1999) CD -- 1999 (Invisible Records: INV117CD) 3:37 The Ready Set Die (Vodka Satanic Mix) Notes: This track is a remix by the Thrill Kill Kult.
Darling Kandie: People Next Door album (2002) CD -- 2002 (Sleazebox/Underground Inc: SLZ03/Ui1021) 4:37 Cobra Kiss 5:01 Look at the Musik 4:44 Clearfire For The Fallen 3:43 Secret Ceremony 4:08 People Next Door 2:41 Randy Road 5:57 Younglam 4:38 Untitled End Notes: This was a collaboration between Groovie Mann and William Tucker. The liner notes of the disc read as follows: "The tracks included in this release are among the last works of William Tucker. They were recorded in 1998 and 1999 as rough demos for a collaborative project with Groovie Mann. Unfortunately, the project was never completed. Nevertheless, these rough mixes are a testament to William's sonic brilliance and quirky sense of humor." The works in progress were rerecorded, mixed, and mastered by Groovie Mann with the help of Kaptain Dave Collins. Groovie Mann stated that "Dave Collins programmed and produced the Darling Kandie 'People next Door' project which he rescued from shambles after William's death and through Groovie's second breakdown or 3rd?"
Cherrie Blue: Chemical Messiah album (2002) CD -- 2002 (Sleazebox/Underground Inc: SLZ04/Ui1046) 4:38 Psycho Bitch Sister 5:37 Kultural Thermostat Theory 5:10 Mama's Sugar 4:57 Psychedelic Professor 6:25 Chemical Messiah 4:22 Not Like Me 4:54 Cyber Sex Man 5:01 V.R. Skyways 4:13 Ritual 5:16 Spirit 4:27 Reality Distortion Notes: This was a collaboration between Buzz McCoy and Cherrie Blue (aka Ruth McArdle, Lady Galore).
Voodou: Your Basic Evil Black Squadron album (2003) CD -- 2003 (Underground Inc: Ui1054) 5:58 Doomsday (Buzz McCoy Remix) Notes: This remix is done by Buzz McCoy.
Professional Murder Music: Looking Through album (2003) CD -- 2003 (Underground Inc: Ui????) ?:?? Something New (Remix) Notes: This remix is done by Buzz McCoy.
Pigface: Easy Listening... For Difficult album (2003) Fuckheads CD -- 2003 (Underground Inc: Ui1037) 5:12 Closer To Heaven 3:19 The Loneliest Sound I've Ever Heard Notes: Groovie Mann helped write and sings vocals on the first track. Groovie Mann provided the original loop for the second track, which was then manipulated and scratched by Martin Atkins.
Pigface: Headfuck album (2003) CD -- 2003 (Underground Inc: Ui1067) 6:00 Closer To Heaven (South of my Ass) 7:13 Closer To Heaven (Buzz McCoy Remix) 3:59 Closer To Heaven (If being with you is Heaven, take me to Hell) 4:50 Closer To Heaven (Closer remix) Notes: This is the remix album from the 'Easy Listening...' release. As with that disc, Groovie Mann does vocals on this track. Buzz McCoy remixed the second version of the track for this release.
Sub.Stance: rokkonorrottenhell single (2007) CD -- 2007 (Godsendant: ?) 3:24 Rokkonorrottenhell ?:?? Rokkonorrottenheck (Interrupted Mix) Notes: This single was released August 21, 2007. It features Groovie Mann on vocals. He is also featured on at least one mix (noted above), and the single features four more versions of the track, including at least two instrumental versions.

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