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Compilation and Soundtrack Appearances

Tell Me You Love Me compilation (1989) LP -- 1990 (Umbrella/Sideline: cat. #?) CD -- 1990 (Umbrella/Sideline: UCD2) ?:?? The Days of Swine and Roses (remix) Notes: While confirmation would be appreciated, it seems as though the remix in question is exclusive to this compilation.
21st Century Quakemasters, Vol. 2 compilation (1990) LP -- 1990 (Contempo: BBAT 005LP) CS -- 1990 (Contempo: BBAT 005CS) CD -- 1990 (Contempo: BBAT 005CD) ?:?? The Devil Does Drugs
Funky Alternatives, Vol. 5 compilation (1990) LP -- 1990 (Concrete: CPRODLP 012) CD -- 1990 (Concrete: EFA CD 08582-26) 6:06 Ride the Mindway (Remix) Notes: The track listed is a remix exclusive (at the time, anyway) to this compilation.
This is Electronic Body Music video comp. (1990) VHS -- 1990 (label?: cat. #?) ...And This is What the Devil Does! -- video
Best of Funky Alternatives compilation (1991) CS -- 1991 (ROIR: A-197) 6:06 Ride the Mindway (Remix) Notes: The track listed is the same remix which is featured on Vol. 5 of the "Funky Alternatives" series; this release was put out in both the UK and the US.
Volume One compilation (1991) CD -- 1991 (Volume: V1) 5:46 Leathersex (remix) Notes: As with most tracks on the Volume series of CDs, the remix in question is exclusive to this compilation.
Art of Compilation CD6 compilation (1991) CD -- 1991 (Art of Mix Remix Service: CD6) 5:22 'Cuz It's Hot (Sex Until Mix by S. Michael Meachem)
Hot Tracks 11-4 compilation (1992) 12" -- 1992 (Hot Tracks Remix Service: HTLP11-4) CD -- 1992 (Hot Tracks Remix Service: HTCD11-4) 6:19 Sex On Wheelz (Digital Mix by Chris Cox) Notes: The 12" version was released as a 3x12" set.
Songs from the Cool World soundtrack (1992) CD -- 1992 (Warner Bros.: 9 45009-2) 4:00 Sex on Wheelz (Glamour Dyke Mix) 3:51 Her Sassy Kiss Notes: Additional songs from the movie (not included on the soundtrack) include "The Devil Does Drugs", "Holli's Groove", and "Sedusa".
Hot Wired Monstertrux Compilation compilation (1993) CD -- 1993 (Eastwest/Interscope: 31811) 6:19 Kooler than Jesus
The Crow soundtrack (1994) CD -- 1994 (Atlantic: 82519) 2:58 After the Flesh Notes: After The Flesh is actually a faster rendition of Nervous Xians, originally found on Some Have To Dance, Some Have To Kill 12", and Kooler Than Jesus CD.
The Flintstones soundtrack (1994) CD -- 1994 (Interscope: cat. #?) 2:57 Hit & Run Holiday
Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years compilation (1994) (A Limited Edition Sampler) CD -- 1994 (Wax Trax!: TVT 7226-2P -- promotional release) 10:14 ... 'Cuz It's Hot Notes: This disc is just what it looks like: a hacked-off, single- disc version of the Wax Trax! Black Box made up of the better- known material from the bigger names on Wax Trax!. Lydia Lunch still provides guest vocals.
Wax Trax! Black Box: The First 13 Years compilation (1994) CD -- 1994 (Wax Trax!: TVT 7212-2c) 10:14 ... 'Cuz It's Hot 5:34 Do You Fear (For Your Child)? Notes: Both tracks are on the third disc of the Black Box set.
Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years video comp. (1994) A Video Retrospective VHS -- 1994 (Wax Trax!: TVT 7221) -- Vol. 1 3:18 Sex on Wheelz (Motor City Remix) -- video VHS -- 1994 (Wax Trax!: TVT 7222) -- Vol. 2 6:18 Kooler than Jesus (Electric Messiah Mix) -- video
Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight soundtrack (1995) LP -- 1994 (Atlantic: 82725-1) CD -- 1995 (Big Screen/Atlantic: PRCD 5992) CD -- 1995 (Atlantic: 82725-2) CS -- 1995 (Atlantic: 82725-4) 3:55 Tonight We Murder (Edit) Notes: This track is by Ministry and Groovie Mann provides the vocals.
Showgirls soundtrack (1995) CD -- 1995 (Interscope: 92652-2) 3:56 Wasted Time 2:37 Somebody New Notes: "The Devil Does Drugs" (or one of the similar-sounding "Devil" songs) was also background music in the movie.
huH Summer Bootleg Special Issue 2 compliation (1995) CD -- 1995 (huH Music Service: HUSU95D) 3:27 Glamour is a Rocky Road
Turn It UP & Pass It ON, Vol. 3 compilation (1995) CD -- 1995 (AIM Marketing: TIU 9503) 3:06 Hit & Run Holiday Notes: Based on the only information that I have seen to date on this release, it isn't clear whether or not the track listed is a remix; the track time would seem to indicate that it's the album version with a few seconds of blank space to fill out the CD, but clarification would be appreciated.
Culture Shock, Issue 1 compilation (1996) CD -- 1996 (Culture Shock Remix Service: ?) 5:23 A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Culture Shock Club Remix) Notes: The TKK selection is a 'retro' track on this release.
Virtually Alternative 80, May 1997 compilation (1997) CD -- 1997 (Virtually Alternative Magazine: V80) 3:36 Sexy Sucker (Club Mix) Notes: This is a Promo only 2CD compilation issued with the music magazine "Virtually Alternative". This track is found on disc 2.
Industrial Virus compilation (1998) Industrial Hazard compilation (1998) CD -- 1998 (Dressed to Kill: DTK BOX 61) CD -- 1998 (Dressed to Kill: REDTK102) 6:06 Ride the Mindway (Remix) Notes: This is a 3CD box set rereleasing a selecton of material from the "Funky Alternatives" compilation series. The first catalogue number is for the "Industrial Virus" release, and the second for the "Industrial Hazard" release.
Industrial Strength Machine Music: Framework compilation (1999) of Industrial Rock 1978-1995 CD -- 1999 (Rhino Records: R2-75933) 4:13 Kooler Than Jesus (Electric Messiah Mix)
Industrial: Music of the Shadows, Vol 3 compilation (2000) CD -- 2000 (K-tel: 6461) 3:59 Sex on Wheelz
Dr. Speedlove Presents, Vol 2 compilation (2000) CD -- 2000 (Invisible Records: INV175CD) 3:23 Psycho Bitch Sister Notes: This is an early version of the Cherrie Blue track that ended up being released on the 'Chemical Messiah' release. This version of the track is credited to 'Lady Galore vs Buzz McCoy'.
Industrial Armageddon compilation (2000) CD -- 2000 (Livid Music: AOP56) 6:06 Ride the Mindway (Remix)
Industrial Rock compilation (2000) CD -- 2000 (Edel America: ED182012) 6:06 Ride the Mindway (Remix) Notes: This is a collection of the best mixes from the "Industrial Virus" 3 CD set issued under the "Dressed To Kill" moniker. Also seen as "Funky Alternatives".
Culture Shock, Issue 7 compilation (2001) CD -- 2001 (Culture Shock Remix Service: ?) ?:?? 'Cuz It's Hot (Culture Shock Club Remix) Notes: The TKK selection is a 'retro' track on this release.
Mutations: a tribute to Alice Cooper compilation (2002) CD -- 2002 (Invisible Records: Ui1019) 5:03 Hallowed Be My Name
United - the sound of the Underground compilation (2002) CD -- 2002 (Underground, Inc: Ui1032) 6:33 Temptation Serenade (Smell the Heel remix) 5:37 Kultural Thermostat Theory 4:44 Clearfire for the Fallen Notes: This is a 2CD set. Clearfire for the Fallen is the Darling Kandie track, and Kultural Thermostat Theory is from the Cherrie Blue release. The Darling Kandie track is found on the second disc of the compilation, the other two on the first disc.
Industrial Family Platter compilation (2004) CD -- 2004 (Rykodisc: No Catalogue Number) 5:00 Do You Fear For Your Child? 5:45 Devil Rider 8:24 Dope Kult 4:02 A Daisy Chain For Satan 4:47 Kooler Than Jesus 2:12 www.specialaffect.com Notes: This is a promotional compilation released by Rykodisc to promote their recent Ministry and Revolting Cocks re-releases and their new Thrill Kill Kult releases. The first 6 tracks are Ministry related tracks, 7-11 are Thrill Kill Kult tracks (in the order above), and 12 is listed as 'www.specialaffect.com' but is actually 'Vertigo Feeling' by Special Affect.
Guestlist (Precipice Volume 2) compilation (2004) CD -- 2004 (Precipice: No Catalogue Number) 3:06 Clearfire (outtake) 4:16 MODA 6:07 rebel 004 (Rebel, Rebel) Notes: 'Clearfire' is an outtake version by Darling Kandie of the track 'Clearfire for the Fallen'. MODA is a Buzz McCoy solo track, and 'rebel 004' is a cover of David Bowie's 'Rebel, Rebel' by Groovie Mann with Bill Van Ryn.
... It just Is (In Memoriam: Jhonn Balance) compilation (2004) CD -- 2005 (Nocharizma/FullDozer Records: nhcd02/FDCD20) 4:56 Paingame Notes: 'Paingame' is a track by Darling Kandie. The writing is credited to Groovie Mann and William Tucker, and it was produced and arranged by Bill Van Ryn. Musical credits on the track are: Groovie Mann (vox) Bill Van Ryn (keyboards and programming) Ryan Clark (guitars)

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