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What you need to own to be a cool Kultite

I feel the urge to spend money... what should I spend it on?
The TKK has managed to put out an astounding amount of material dating back to 1987 or so (which, as of this writing is 17 years ago, give or take a bit). The entire list of albums, singles, known compilation appearances, and related projects/works is listed below.
The list includes all of the known Fan Klub and other special releases made available by the Kult Konnection over the years.
There are also some unreleased tracks from over the years that are not found on any other releases.

Albums and Singles

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult EP (1987)
I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits Album (1988)
Some Have to Dance, Some Have to Kill EP (1988)
Kooler than Jesus Single / EP (1989)
Fan Klub Kompliation Album (1989)
Confessions of a Knife Album (1990)
...'Cuz It's Hot Single (1990)
Naive / Days of Swine and Roses Single (1990)
Sex on Wheelz Single (1991)
Sexplosion! Album (1991)
Sexplosion Single (1991)
The International Sin Set Single (1991)
Sex on Wheelz Single (1992)
13 Above the Night Album (1993)
Blue Buddha Single (1993)
Final Blindness Single (1993)
Hit & Run Holiday Single (1994)
Hit & Run Holiday Album (1995)
Ride The Mindway Video (1996)
A Crime for All Seasons Album (1997)
Sexy Sucker Single (1997)
Some Have to Dance, Some Have to Kill Album (1997)
9 Lives Are Not Enough Bootleg (1997)
Dirty Little Secrets: music to STRIP by... Album (1999)
Years of Darkness Bootleg (2000)
The Reincarnation of Luna Album (2001)
Golden Pillz: the luna remixes Album (2002)
Elektrik Inferno Live Album (2002)
Groovie 13 Album (2003)
Danse Infernale Album (2004)
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult Album (2004)
Diamonds & Daggerz Album (2004)
the Be(a)st of the TKK Album (2004)
The Kult Konnection Video (2004)
My Life Remixed, Sampler 1 Single (2004)
My Life Remixed, Sampler 2 Single (2004)
My Life Remixed, Sampler 3 Single (2005)
My Life Remixed Album (2005)
Gay, Black and Married Album (2005)
Filthiest Show in Town Album (2007)
The Resurrection of Luna Album (2007)
Blood + Dope + Sin + Gold Album (2007)

Compilations and Soundtracks

Tell Me You Love Me compilation (1989)
21st Century Quakemasters, Vol. 2 compilation (1990)
Funky Alternatives, Vol. 5 compilation (1990)
This is Electronic Body Music video comp. (1990)
Best of Funky Alternatives compilation (1991)
Volume One compilation (1991)
Art of Compilation CD6 compilation (1991)
Hot Tracks 11-4 compilation (1992)
Songs from the Cool World soundtrack (1992)
Hot Wired Monstertrux Compilation compilation (1993)
The Crow soundtrack (1994)
The Flintstones soundtrack (1994)
Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years compilation (1994)
Wax Trax! Black Box: The First 13 Years compilation (1994)
Wax Trax! Records: The First 13 Years video comp. (1994)
Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight soundtrack (1995)
Showgirls soundtrack (1995)
huH Summer Bootleg Special Issue 2 compilation (1995)
Turn It UP & Pass It ON, Vol. 3 compilation (1995)
Culture Shock, Issue 1 compilation (1996)
Virtually Alternative 80 compilation (1997)
Industrial Virus compilation (1998)
Industrial Hazard compilation (1998)
Industrial Strength Machine Music: Framework of Industrial Rock 1978-1995 compilation (1999)
Industrial: Music of the Shadows, Vol 3 compilation (2000)
Dr. Speedlove Presents, Vol 2 compilation (2000)
Industrial Armageddon compilation (2000)
Industrial Rock compilation (2000)
Culture Shock, Issue 7 compilation (2001)
Mutations: a tribute to Alice Cooper compilation (2002)
United - The Sound of the Underground compilation (2002)
Industrial Family Platter compilation (2004)
Guestlist compilation (2004)
... It just Is (In Memoriam: Jhonn Balance) compilation (2005)

Related Releases

Special Affect: Mood Music single (1979)
Special Affect: The Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture "Too Much Soft Living" album (1980)
Drowning Craze: Trance single (1981)
Drowning Craze: Heat single (1982)
Ministry: Stigmata single (1988)
Excessive Force: Conquer Your House single (1991)
Excessive Force: Conquer Your World album (1991)
Fred: Fred album (1991)
KMFDM: Split/Piggybank single (1991)
Pigface: Welcome to Mexico Asshole album (1991)
Dink: Get On It single (1995)
Death Ride 69: Screaming Down the Gravity Well album (1996)
Radio Iodine: Never Meant To single (1997)
Evil Mothers: The Incrimination Fruit album (1999)
Darling Kandie: People Next Door album (2002)
Cherrie Blue: Chemical Messiah album (2002)
Voodou: Your Basic Evil Black Squadron album (2003)
Professional Murder Music: Looking Through album (2003)
Pigface: Easy Listening... For Difficult Fuckheads album (2003)
Pigface: Headfuck album (2003)
Sub.Stance: rokkonorrottenhell single (2007)

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