Official C.A.W. Members

Amanda Eterniale

Amanda Eterniale is probably the most prolific builder for C.A.W.. Or was at least until her retirement. She was the main designer of the general theme that threads through the older areas produced by C.A.W. Along with Builder_5, she makes up half of one of the more creative writing teams around.


Builder_5 is one of the original founders of C.A.W. He served mostly as an editor for the other members, but also managed to produce a couple of areas in that time.


Matrix is a relative newbie in the world of mudding as compared to most of the rest of the members of C.A.W., but he has established himself as one of the leading storytellers and masters of format. He is better known as Furry on VieMud.


Mercutio was not an official member of C.A.W., but donated Ancalador to C.A.W. shortly before he lost his net connection. It is rumoured that he has regained his connection and is building once again however.


Serene is one of the older builders belonging to C.A.W., but has long since moved on into the real world.

The Wandering Bard

The Wandering Bard, contrary to popular belief, is not a reincarnation of Mercutio, but is rather an entity of his own. In truth, not much is known about the Bard, but it is told that he is an excellent teller of stories, and can be found regularily on VieMud entertaining the patrons of Otto's Inn.

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Last modified: December 3, 1998