Available Areas


Ancalador is an area based upon a dragon long since turned to stone by a powerful wizard whose name is lost to history... or is it?

Ancalador consists of 58 rooms, 16 mobs, and 28 objects.


Campus is a large area loosely based on a Canadian university campus. It was written with a heavy tongue-in-cheek flavour and was designed to challenge mid-level characters.

Campus consists of 233 rooms, 48 mobs, and 62 objects.

The Abandoned Cathedral

This area is an abandoned cathedral with a twist. It has been overrun by evil and nasty undead but there are also good undead attempting to contain these nasties. There are also a few good undead creatures deep in the catacombs below the cathedral.

The area consists of 56 rooms, 15 mobiles, and 17 objects.

N.B. The layout of the abandoned cathedral is loosely based upon an unfinished church created by CatsEye of VieMud 2.x

Froboz' Fun Factory Of Doom

Froboz' Fun Factory of Doom is a tongue-in-cheek newbie area consisting of 39 rooms, 13 mobs, and 8 objects. The area is one big factory, churning out the standard magic items that many DikuMudders have become accustomed to.

The City Of Kerofk

The city of Kerofk originated in the mind of Builder_5, as a major city for use in a role-playing game he was running at the time (a heavily modified version of Powers & Perils -- a very out-of-print Avalon Hill game). Amanda Eterniale was a player in this game, and loved the city.

Kerofk is made up of 153 rooms, 55 mobiles, and 51 objects. Be warned, installing this area is much more complex than any of the other C.A.W. areas due to the size and uniqueness of the city.

The Lizard Lair Safari

Lizard Lair Safari is a small adventure area, consisting of 18 rooms, 10 objects, and 6 mobiles. It can be added almost anywhere in a world, and is quite self-explanatory. Really it is.

The Orc Enclave

Enclave is a small adventure area, consisting of 68 rooms, 13 mobs, and 6 objects. It can be easily added to any forest area from a northern exit. The area itself is fairly self-explanatory.

Rand's Tower

Rand's Tower is the tower of a long-ago mage, buried by time (and lava). Rand may be dead, but his legend, and defenses live on. Dare any adventurer brave its depths to seek what might be found?

{ok, it's corny... sue me! -- Amanda}

Rand's Tower is comprised of 46 rooms, 19 objects, and 6 mobs.

The Three Of Swords

Three of Swords is a small quest area based very loosely upon an unpublished short story written by Builder_5. The area consists of 76 rooms, 20 mobs, and 26 objects. The area is fairly high-powered, but sectioned off for several different levels: 10-15, 15-20, and 25+.

The Trade Road

The Trade Road area was built as a first effort for C.A.W., and was kept relatively simple. It is a small neighbourhood addition for any standard DikuMud town. It has one eastern entrance, and one western exit, and one southern river-dock area.

Trade Road is small; only 52 rooms, 21 mobs, 22 objects, and 5 shops. It consists mainly of one main road (Trade Road) with various cross avenues and parallel streets. Many houses, shops, and buildings have been detailed, and plenty of room has been left for customizations and additions.

Werith's Wayhouse

Werith's Wayhouse is a high-mob population area, with 40 rooms, 19 different types of mobs and objects. It was meant to be placed somewhere between two widely used towns as a rest stop area.

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