This document is meant to be a basic tutorial to building areas for DikuMuds. Readers of this Handbook should have at least have some experience with DikuMuds, and will understand the basic Diku concepts of armour, levels, and so forth.

Nowadays, most mud-admins express the wish to have an entirely unique world. Unfortunately, building is time consuming and requires no mean amount of skill, with the added 'bonus' of being hard to learn; the standard Diku-docs that get bandied about are somewhat vague on certain subjects, and were originally intended as a reference guide rather than a learning document. We hope to make this Handbook a 'cookbook' of sorts -- an explanation of the how's and what's of building a diku based area for the non-coding inclined.

This document is a tutorial for building in the standard 'gamma' release DikuMud. Most muds have changed or added to the information, but still follow the basic format. Reading this document should prepare you for most dikumuds you will encounter out there.

The Curious Areas Workshops highly recommends that every builder understand the nuts and bolts of building, even if they have access to one of the Diku-area editors available out there. Being able to build with an editor is nice, but the knowledge of how the nuts and bolts of building actually works is extremely valuble when things go wrong. We cannot emphasize this enough, but we will attempt to refrain from preaching it in the rest of this document.

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Alex Fletcher
Last modified: June 24th, 1996