Special thanks to Tarkin of VieMud and MJPrime of AlbertMUD for invaluble help in writing this Handbook.

Extra Special Thanks to all the Players of VieMud (VieMud), for all the help during the Buggies & Bounties competitions.


The Curious Areas Workshop provides publicly available DikuMUD areas over anonymous ftp. ( in /pub/furry/Caw) We are always open to suggestions, bug reports, and criticisms. Email us or contact us at VieMud. Or find us at our web page at

Author History

The original author of the Handbook was Builder_5 and it was released on November 11, 1993. On October 1, 1994, a revised version was released by Furry (aka Matrix) labelled Version 2.0, this was followed very shortly by 2.1 which corrected a number of typos and other mistakes. 2.2 followed on June 20th, 1996, and the HTML version first appeared on June 24th, 1996.

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Alex Fletcher
Last modified: July 15, 1996