The Builders' Handbook

(version 2.2)


Builder_5 And Updated By Furry

(of the Curious Areas Workshop)

The Builders' Handbook produced by C.A.W. is cited as one of the most important references to aid people in their quest to learn how to build for a DikuMud. The Handbook is full of examples and instructions which should help towards the understanding of the standard DikuMud file format for everyone. There are also an extensive number of hints and suggestions at the end of each section in order to enable you to create much more stable and exciting areas for your own mud.

Table Of Contents

* Overview
* Terminology
* Basics
* The .wld file
* The .mob file
* The .obj file
* The .shp file
* The .zon file
* Putting it all together
* Credits

Other Important Documentation

* Read this file
* The Chart Appendix
* The example .mob file
* The example .obj file
* The example .shp file
* The example .wld file
* The example .zon file

Other Relevant Documentation and Sites

* An extensive collection of Building hints.
* The entire Handbook in one archive
* Ed Snible's Mud Info archive on servers and building
* Rainman's AnonyMUD Building Page [Offline?]
* The CircleMUD Builders' Guide

[The Mud Connector]

Copyright Information

This entire document is the property of C.A.W., and as such must be credited if used as the basis for any other building documents (regardless of final product). If you do wish to use the C.A.W. guide as influence for your building handbook, you must also send mail to C.A.W. informing them of your plans, and when your document is completed, you must send a copy of the completed document to C.A.W. for their archives.

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Alex Fletcher
Last modified: December 3, 1998