Things currently found here:

Kooler Than ASCII: The Thrill Kill Kult Resource page
The homepage of the Discography, complete lyrics, sample archive, and FAQ.
Soccer stuff
Pictures and information for some of the soccer teams I play with.
The Claddagh Ring Page
A brief page discussing and collecting the legends and meanings of the Celtic Claddagh Ring.
Curious Area Workshops (C.A.W.)
The home page of this now retired area creating group.
Pages found elsewhere:
CircleMUD Mailing List Resources
Pages currently offline and without homes:
Gardens Of Grace: The Machines Of Loving Grace homepages.
Please note: The MoLG pages will not be coming online again.
This is due to the simple fact that every time I added something new to the pages, it was quickly taken by a number of other pages without asking and claimed as their own, with no credit whatsoever given to the source of the material.
Scorched Earth Party -- Canadian Wing
Please note: Due to the extreme proliferation of stupid people (see the note about the Gardens Of Grace pages for a pretty good example), these pages may be coming back online in the near future.

Alex Fletcher
Last modified: Sometime in 2004