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...promoting the development of the Kingston & Pembroke Railway (K&P) right-of-way as a multi-use trail.

Trails are hallmarks of livable communities and of cities that are built on a human scale. Despite its scenic location, Kingston has very few dedicated off-road trails, and those it does have are short and do not connect with other trail systems. However, there are 14 kilometers of unused railbed in the rural areas of Kingston and another 7 km within the old city limits of Kingston, parts of which are now being transformed into a viable multi-use pathway capable of supporting cycling, hiking, cross-country skiing and equestrian activities.

Nick-named by locals as the "Kick and Push", the K&P Railroad has been abandoned for years, but offers the opportunity to provide a trail running from Kingston to Harrowsmith and potentially as far north as Sharbot Lake. At Harrowsmith, the trail could connect with the existing Cataraqui Trail, a part of the Trans-Canada Trail network. The K&P right-of-way (ROW) is partly owned by Bell Canada, but the ROW within the rural area of Kingston has now been acquired by the city, and South Frontenac Township has expressed interest in acquiring the ROW within the township limits.


 To promote the public acquisition of the K&P right-of-way (ROW) from Kingston to Harrowsmith and to promote a future acquisition of the ROW to Sharbot Lake

 To promote the development of the K&P right-of-way into a non-motorized, multi-use (cycling, hiking, cross-country skiing, equestrian) pathway in the Kingston area and northward.

 To promote the use and maintenance of trails as a recreational and transportation alternative.


Route to date

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newly opened portion of K&P Trail

remaining segments of K&P Right-of-Way within old Kingston borders

Cataraqui Creek to Sydenham Rd:
Sydenham Rd to Hwy 401:
401 to McIvor Rd.:
McIvor to BurBrook Rd./Jackson Mills:
Jackson Mills to BurBrook/Cordukes Rd:
Cordukes to Unity Rd.
Unity Rd. to Orser Rd.

1.2 km
1.9 km
0.5 km
1.4 km
1.8 km
2.5 km
5.3 km

NOTE: Motorized vehicles (except for farm vehicles) are not allowed on the trail


News / Events

Sept. 2011
City of Kingston completes bridge across Little Cataraqui Creek and extends trail to trailhead on Binnington Court (at Dalton)

Dec. 6, 2007
City of Kingston opens rural portion of K&P Trail (Sydenham Rd. to Orser Rd) as part of its "Group of 7" building program. Pictures below are from the opening ceremonies at Cordukes and Bur Brook Roads. In attendance was Mr. Kimmerer's Grade 3 class from Bayridge Public School who teamed up with officials from the KFL&A Health Unit to promote their healthy lifestyle program.

More details by George Dillon   Read it...

Mr. Kimmerer's grade 3 class joins the celebrations

Mayor Rosen officiating the opening. (What's a ceremony without a speech?)

Multi-use trails include skiing!

Doug Knapp inspects a trail access point


Progress to Date

  • 1986 - line abandoned, ROW purchased by Bell Canada
  • 1990 - Southeast Ontario Rails-to-Trails Association (SEORTA) formed to promote trail development on abandoned rail beds
  • 1998 - SEORTA disbands, K&P Trail Group formed
  • January 2000 - Kingston city council votes to support in principle the purchase of the K&P ROW by the Cataraqui Regional Conservation Authority (CRCA)
  • June 2001 - CRCA turns down request to purchase the K&P ROW, citing lack of funds for development and lack of staff for maintenance
  • April 2002 - Kingston city council votes not to sell or encumber those portions of the ROW that it already owns within the old city limits and to consider these portions for possible trail development
  • May 2002 - In response to provincial plans to upgrade portions of Highway 401 through Kingston, Kingston city council votes to retain the K&P underpass under Highway 401 east of Hwy 38, with consideration for possible future trail use
  • August 2002 - City council directs its staff to begin negotiations with Bell Canada to acquire the K&P ROW within the Kingston city limits.
  • August 2003 - Cycling and Pathways study, commissioned by the city, rates the acquisition and development of the K&P ROW as a top cycling pathway priority.
  • 2005 - Kingston city council sets the development of the K&P trail as one of its priorities over the next two budget years
    Check out the details at this City of Kingston site
  • 2007 - The City of Kingston votes to acquire the portions of the K&P right-of-way that lie within the city limits for trail purposes. Township of South Frontetac also votes to acquire a portion of the right-of-way.
  • Dec 6, 2007 - rural portion of the trail within the city limits of the City of Kingston officially opens.
  • 2007 - Frontenac County acquires the segments of the K&P right-of-way in South and Central Frontenac Townships. Public consultation and development of these portions of the trail are still under way. For a progress report, see this Frontenac County site .
  • 2011 - City of Kingston opens bridge across Little Cataraqui Creek to continue trail to new trailhead at Binnington Court


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